Assassination of activist in Odessa: details became known

Покушение на активиста в Одессе: стали известны подробности

In Oleg Mikhailik was fired from a revolver, he had lost almost two liters of blood and survived clinical death.

Odessa journalist, ex-Deputy Chairman of the Odessa regional state administration Zoya Kazanzhi said some details of the assassination attempt on activist Oleg Mikhailik.

According to the journalist, Mikhailik was fired from a revolver of caliber of 5,6 mm.

“Yesterday, about 23 hours, Oleg was taken to clinical hospital №1 of the city (Odessa). With a penetrating gunshot wound of the left half of the chest and shoulder. Shot from a revolver. 5.6 mm is a pre – caliber weapons”, – wrote to Kazanzhi on the page in Facebook.

Also, Kazanzhi added that, in her opinion, the attack on Mikhailik was planned and deliberate. According to her, the reason for the attack could be his work and intention to run for mayor in the upcoming local elections.

The journalist said that the injured activist is now in serious condition. While doctors are unable to remove the bullet.

“Oleg’s condition is severe. He lost a lot of blood up to 2 litres. Happened clinical death. Reanimated. In the morning, luckily, was removed from a ventilator. He came to himself. Contact. Pressure stable. Yesterday the pressure was 30 for 10 “, she said.

In addition, Kazanzhi reported that Mikhailik is a wife and the investigator. He is testifying.

“The attack took place near Oleg’s house, it’s almost near the regional Department of the MIA. The police reported that the experts did their job at the scene. The shells are found. I want to believe, because utilities are in the morning is carefully removed. Also the police reported that will remove the video from surveillance cameras. It is downtown, there are cameras all over the place everywhere. Let’s hope they’re not all at the same time broke”, she said.

Recall that the evening of September 22 in Odessa, in the yard shot Oleg Mikhailik – community activist, the leader of the Odessa branch of the party “People’s Force”. He was in critical condition.

The party believes that the attack may be part of the mayor of Odessa Gennady Trukhanov.

On Sunday Advisor to the head of the office of national police in the Odessa region Ruslan Forostyak reported that the state of Mikhailik stabilized, granted him protection.