Assistant Putin said about 5 million “new poor” in Russia because of the crisis

Помощник Путина сообщил о 5 млн "новых бедных людей" в России из-за кризиса

The number of Russian citizens with incomes below the subsistence minimum in the result of the economic downturn and the devaluation of the ruble is increasing and is a serious problem for the Russian economy, said Russian presidential aide Andrei Belousov, reports TASS.

According to Belousov, Russia’s economy as a whole has overcome the crisis and find a new balance point by mid-2015.

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“We have reached this point of balance with the substantial increase in the number of poor. The number of citizens with incomes below the subsistence minimum is now 13% of the population before the crisis was 10%. It’s nearly five million new poor people”, — he said.

Belousov stressed that this is a very serious problem for the country. In his opinion, to overcome, to return poverty to pre-crisis levels may take several years.

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Recall that in January the world Bank downgraded the forecast decline of Russia’s GDP in 2016, 0.6% with 0.1% to 0.7%. American financier George Soros believes that the terms of reference of the aggressive policy of Moscow, 2017, the first year could be “the year of no return for the Russian economy, because by that time, its state reserves will be “very little”.