Astronaut from Italy withdrew from the ISS a meteor

Астронавт из Италии снял с МКС падение метеора

Paolo Nespoli recorded on video very fast a meteor, which was moving at a speed of 40 kilometers per second.

Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli, located on the ISS, took video of the moment of occurrence of a meteorite in the dense layers of the atmosphere in the area of the Atlantic ocean. He published the entry on Twitter.

“At ISS we see a lot of meteors, but I never managed to capture them on camera. This time I was lucky and I captured a bright fireball. It appeared to be a very fast meteor, which was moving at a speed of 40 kilometers per second,” wrote Nespoli.

We see many meteors from the @Space_Station but I was never able to get one on camera… this time I got lucky and filmed a #fireball, a very bright and fast meteoroid falling to #Earth at about 40km/s! Can you spot it? #VITAmission

— Paolo Nespoli (@astro_paolo) November 16, 2017

And here a closer look! Make a wish… I already did 😉 // E qui visto più da vicino! Esprimete un desiderio… Io l’ho già fatto 😉 #VITAmission

— Paolo Nespoli (@astro_paolo) November 16, 2017

Representatives of the European space Agency announced that it is about a celestial body smaller than a meter, which was moving two times faster than normal meteor, writes

The body may be part of a meteor shower, or Leonids Tauride. Experts do not exclude that the object may be a fragment of the satellite.

In November you will see the Leonids meteor shower

Earlier it was reported that the inhabitants of Lapland and Northern Norway, on 17 November, observed in the sky, the fall of the meteorite.