Astronaut showed how to behave in a weightless med

Астронавт показал, как ведет себя в невесомости мед

Astronaut showed what happens to the honey in zero gravity

One of the expedition members to the ISS opened the honey jar and turned it over on its side, but the contents are not spilled.

Astronaut David Saint-Jacques showed how it behaves in weightlessness honey. The video he took while aboard the International space station.

He opened a jar of honey and turned her on her side. Under normal conditions the contents of the can began to leak. However, in microgravity the honey began to “stretch out” from the inside, forming a “honeymoon tape” that got out and formed a spiral.

A video game with honey Saint-Jacques was published on the YouTube channel of the Canadian Space Agency.

Earlier it was reported that the astronaut from the ISS took a strange cloud in the form of huge circles.

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