Astronomers gave the space signals of unknown origin

Астрономы зафиксировали космические сигналы неизвестного происхождения

Radio telescope FAST

Mysterious signals are coming from a source that scientists think lies at the distance of three billion light years from Earth.

Chinese astronomers working at the world’s largest spherical radio telescope, recorded repetitive fast radio bursts – mysterious signals coming from a source located probably at the distance of three billion light years from Earth. On Monday, September 9, reports Xinhuanet.

“Signals adopted by the world’s largest spherical radio telescope with pyatisotletny aperture (in optics – operating hole of the optical device, which determines its ability to gather light – ed), they are carefully checked and processed”, – reads the statement of the specialists of the Chinese astronomical observatories under the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Spherical radio telescope with an aperture of pjatisotmetrovyj known as a FAST telescope, located in the mountains of South China’s Guizhou province.

Quick radioselect represent the impulses lasting a few milliseconds. Until now scientists have no reasonable explanation of their nature.

Previously, NASA gave a beautiful infrared image of a nearby galaxy.

It was also reported that Indian scientists have discovered the source of “alien space signals.”


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