Astronomers have discovered the hottest planet

Астрономы открыли самую горячую планету


The temperature of the planet KELT-9b 4,600 degrees.

American astronomers have discovered the hottest of the known exoplanets. This is stated in an article published in the journal Nature.

Gas planet KELT-9b, having a temperature of 4600 degrees was hotter than a star.

However, the star of the class, around which she turns, still hot, causing evaporation of the planet.

“It’s the hottest planet of the giant ever found,” explained the author of the discovery, Scott Gaudi.

KELT-9b 2.8 times heavier than Jupiter and has a two times lower density. Because the planet is close to the star, the tides she always turned to one side.

Because of the continuing heating of the star the planet’s atmosphere continuously evaporates into space, according to scientists, with speeds up to 10 billion tons per second.

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