Astronomers have found an abnormal planet

Астрономы нашли аномальные планеты

Found planets with abnormal behavior

The young star and orbiting gas giants are so unusual for the same celestial bodies.

At the University of Cambridge astronomers have discovered a young star with orbiting gas giants. Features the stars of CI Tau and its “satellites” abnormal. It is reported

The star must be much older if you consider the same theoretical model. CI Tau about two million years, and planets that rotate around it comparable in size with Jupiter and Saturn. According to scientists, to form the gas giants, the system should be much more.

With the help of a complex of radio telescopes Atacama Large Millimeter Array, researchers have found evidence that around stars revolve several planets. Their orbits are very different and are not specific to the gas surcharge.

Two of them are at a distance three times the distance from the Sun to Neptune. One of them is heavier from the Jupiter ten.

All previously known gas giants jupiterians type orbit stars hundreds of times older than CI Tau. The mystery remains and the occurrence of two outer planets.

Recently, scientists said that Saturn eats its own ring. Also the Correspondent reported that the Hubble telescope is out of order.