Astronomers have recorded the anomaly in space

Астрономы зафиксировали аномалию в космосе

Fixed inexplicable behavior of the supernova after the explosion

The scientists saw the explosion of a star, but her behavior is not similar to studied similar objects.

Astronomers have recorded anomalous supernova. Radiation of the object is unusual for such stars. It is reported by arXiv.

Scientists have recorded a sharp burst of radiation in the first days after the explosion of a star ASASSN-18bt. Such behavior is anomalous supernovae remains a mystery.

Often, after the explosion of a white dwarf it begin to leak thermonuclear processes. This becomes possible when the star “updated” stuff. The number of exploding supernovae might get ingested some of the substance “companion star”, or merges with another white dwarf.

But in the case of ASASSN-18bt, astronomers have not found any close to a sufficiently massive body, which could “give” of their substance. Scientists suggest that this behavior is a supernova associated with a unique distribution of radioactive isotopes in the substance of the victim is a white dwarf. Astronomers continue observing and trying to find a confirmation of this theory.

The astronomers determined how much light has the universe developed. The number 84 is zero. The specialists found out that people studied astronomy 17 thousand years ago.

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