At a checkpoint in the Donbass thousands Queuing at checkpoints

На КПП в Донбассе тысячные очереди на блок-постах

At checkpoints in the Donbass saved queue

At the checkpoint “Marinka” clearance expect 500 car in zaytsevo – 350, -160 in Novotroitsk.

This morning at the checkpoint “Marinka” formed a queue of 500 cars, reports the state border service.

“For crossing the demarcation line via KPVV zaytsevo expected entry to the uncontrolled territory of 200 cars and 150 move in the opposite direction. In “Marinka” on entry expected to be about 300 vehicles and 200 on travel,” say the guards.

Control point “Novotroitsk” on entry followed 100 cars, but going 60. In “Hnutove” queues were recorded.

As reported, due to the frequent attacks of positions of anti-terrorist operation in the Donetsk region, the security forces temporarily stopped the work of the checkpoint entrance/exit of Marinka. Also earlier it was closed the checkpoint of the Russian Federation due to the escalation of the situation.