At filling stations has risen in price gasoline and diesel

На АЗС подорожали бензин и дизель

Gasoline and diesel fuel becoming more expensive

Rising prices caused by the depreciation of the hryvnia.

Over the weekend, from 14 to 16 October, the retail price of gasoline and diesel fuel in many gas filling stations increased by an average of 20-60 kopecks. per liter, said analyst consulting company UPECO Alexander Sirenko, reports UNIAN.

According to UPECO, the network of filling stations Amic Energy gasoline a-92 went up by 20 kopecks. per liter, to 26,69 UAH per liter, and diesel fuel increased in price by 50 kopecks up to UAH per liter of 25.49 and 26,49 UAH per liter (diesel premium).

It is also noted that at the gas station OKKO, SOCAR and all types of fuel went up by 50 kopecks per liter. Today gasoline a-92 in these networks is 27,49 UAH per liter, A-95 – 28,49 UAH per liter, A-95 “premium” – 29,49 UAH per liter, diesel fuel – 25,99 UAH per liter and diesel fuel “premium” – 26,99 UAH per liter.

Also prices have increased and other networks of stations, including Metropolitan network KLO and regional companies.

According to Sirenko, the price increase is due to the high cost of petroleum products on the European market, as well as the depreciation of the hryvnia.

“For months, the oil never dropped below 55 dollars. per barrel, the quotes of gasoline and diesel fuel will remain high – above $ 540. per ton. Thus, torque is again losing ground. Over the past month, the official hryvnia exchange rate decreased from 26.2 UAH per USD, to 26.5 UAH per dollar”, – he said.

We will remind, in September in Ukraine stopped the growth of prices for gasoline and diesel fuel.