At fuel stations of Ukraine is rapidly becoming more expensive gasoline

На заправках Украины стремительно дорожает бензин

Gasoline prices rise

Some of the network stations has increased the cost of petrol, A-92 and A-95 gasoline from 50 cents. Now the most expensive liter of A-95 will cost motorists 32.45 UAH.

During the past weekend a lot of network of filling stations in Ukraine significantly raised the cost of all types of motor fuel, including gas. On Tuesday, may 22, write News.

According to Consulting group A-95, a network of WOG increased price of diesel, “second” and “fifth” gasoline from 50 kopecks. Thus, it is now the most expensive liter of a-95 will cost motorists 32.45 UAH. Raise the prices and other Ukrainian gas stations.

According to experts, the first and most obvious reason for such a sharp rise in price – the rising cost of oil. July futures for Brent oil has already exceeded $79/bbl. Only last week Brent rose by 1.8 per cent.

On the other hand, the price tags are still holding back the strengthening of the hryvnia. What happens next is largely dependent on prices of oil, experts say.

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine increased the prices of gasoline and diesel fuel.

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