At home, did not find the money for a traffic light at the troubled intersection

На родине Гройсмана не нашли денег на светофор на проблемном перекрестке

Problematic intersection in Vinnytsia

Vinnitsa residents suffer from continuous traffic jams at the station.

In Vinnitsa, local authorities are unable to install a traffic light on the problematic intersection near the train station and-for lack of money. This is stated in the answer of 3 October on the e-petition submitted by local residents, according to the Vinnytsia site 20 Minute.

Vinnichanin Vitaly Mazur, tired of traffic jams at the station, filed an e-petition, which offered to put a traffic light at the intersection of the station and Kotsyubinsky. The petition was signed by 400 people.

“In connection with the limitation of target revenues of the city budget by 2017, establishment of traffic lights at the intersection are not included in the work plan for the current year”, – noted in the city hall.

If there is financing, the city Council promise to build a traffic light outside the station in subsequent years.

Recall that in Vinnitsa city Council there was a fight due to the redistribution of state funds.