At the bottom of the Pacific ocean have discovered three new fish species

На дне Тихого океана обнаружили три новых вида рыб

Scientists have found new species of deep sea fishes

A team of scientists discovered several new species at a depth of 7,500 meters.

In the Pacific Ocean Atanaska the trough off the West coast of South America found three new species of deep-sea inhabitants. Reported by the Daily Mail with reference to the website of Newcastle University.

Discovery found a large group of 40 scientists from 17 countries. Findings related to family lipanovich – sea slugs. Temporarily sea creatures called pink, blue and purple.

The researchers used deep-water camera-trap, which was immersed to a depth of 7.5 thousand meters. Discovered create are weaning ourselves off the inhabitants of the upper water layers. They don’t have big teeth and scales, and they are translucent.

If you raise fish to the surface, they will overheat and melt, the researchers note. Experts caught only one instance, which is carefully examined.

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