At the checkpoint Maori discovered an Arsenal of ammunition

У КПП Майорское обнаружили арсенал боеприпасов

Fireworks continue to check the area near the checkpoint Maori

At the checkpoint on the demarcation line found 12 explosive devices, checking of the territory continues.

Near KPVV Maori in the Donetsk region found 12 explosive devices, said SES chief Mykola Chechetkin in Facebook.

“As of 17 hours during the survey of the territory KPVV Mallorcan pyrotechnics DSNs found 12 explosives: 1 mortar Mina 120 mm, 1 artillery shell 23 mm, 4 artillery shells 30 mm, 5 hand grenades and a fragment of a mortar shell,” – wrote the head of gschs.

According to him, pyrotechnic units DSNs conduct further investigation adjacent to the PPC site.

Earlier it was reported that on the territory of the KPVV the Mallorcan artillery found mine. Personnel and civilians who were in the territory of KPVV, was taken to a safe place. Pass through the checkpoint temporarily suspended.

Later it became known that in addition to the mines at the checkpoint found an artillery shell of calibre of 23 mm and a fragment of a mortar shell.


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