At the checkpoint to Hungary there was a collapse

На пункте пропуска в Венгрию возник коллапс

The work of the Hungarian border has slowed significantly

The Hungarian border guards and customs officers accused of sabotage. The drivers stand in a queue for hours.

A huge queue of cars in Friday, November 23, is formed at a checkpoint Luzhanka-Beregsurány. The waiting time to enter Hungary has increased to five hours, according to Мукачево.net.

Angry drivers say that the delay of maintenance of vehicles of the Hungarian customs and border guards.

“It’s just a real sabotage. Earlier there were complaints about the Ukrainian customs, now the opposite is true – the Hungarians just stopped working. The impression that this is being done specifically to annoy everyone. And suffer from this as Ukrainian drivers, and Hungarian. Do not understand who this may be beneficial,” commented one of the drivers.

In the car queue, which stretched to the Duty Free shop on the Ukrainian side, the minute the tension is growing.

Can’t get in its own turn even the owners of europasport. The border in the Hungarian direction is almost worth it. Some attribute this to technical works, are now carried out on the Hungarian checkpoint.

The drivers claim that the situation is no one even to complain as a Hungarian “hotline” is not responding.

On the official website of the police of Hungary estimated wait times at the checkpoint Luzhanka-Beregsurány also incorrect. According to the website, is two hours. However, in practice it at least twice, if not three times more.



We will remind, on the eve of Ukrainian customs officers warned about the temporary suspension of work in paragraph Luzhanka next week.

Earlier it was reported that on the border with Slovakia has temporarily closed the checkpoint.

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