At the conference in Zaporozhye deputies called to restore economic ties with Russia – media

На конференции в Запорожье депутаты призвали восстановить экономические связи с Россией, - СМИ


In Zaporozhye was held the conference “Economic strategy of Zaporozhye region: new markets and opportunities”, during which the participants – deputies of local councils, representatives of science and public of the region, representatives of local authorities, together with experts discussed and analyzed the economic problems of the Zaporozhye region, ways of attracting investment in its economy and the economic prospects of recovery of lost trade and economic relations, the return of traditional markets for domestic products.

The participants adopted a resolution addressed to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko urging them to restore economic ties with Russia to overcome economic and social crisis in the region. The deputies also expressed their willingness to join the interregional parliamentary group for relations with the Russian Federation, transfer “Comments”. With this initiative, recently launched by the people’s Deputy, Yakov Bezbakh.

The adopted by the deputies of the resolution, in particular: “the Main reason for the catastrophic situation in the economy is the loss of traditional markets in Russia and other CIS countries. The economy of Zaporizhzhya region has always been focused on exports, much of which was accounted for by Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan”.

“The economy of our region, built on ties with Russia. You need to restore intergovernmental, inter-parliamentary relations between Russia and Ukraine. I advocate that we re-established integration with our traditional markets,” stressed the people’s Deputy Evgeny balitskii.

На конференции в Запорожье депутаты призвали восстановить экономические связи с Россией, - СМИ

The Deputy of Zaporizhzhya regional Council Vadim Sukhina added that 90% of the region’s products were exported to Russia, and at the moment, businesses can not supply the products even in Kazakhstan because of the “trade war”.

His colleague on the regional Council Andrey Kushnirenko drew attention to a record deterioration in the economic performance of the region in 2016. “Economic indicators this year the Zaporozhye region – the penultimate in Ukraine. We are seeing a steady drop in regional gross domestic product, reduction of production, unemployment growth. In 2014-2015 export to Russia decreased in 3 times, however, the decreased export to EU countries. But still most of the products our region exports to Russia – 21%. Without returning to the traditional markets of the prospects of development in the Zaporozhye region there are practically no”, – said the Deputy.

The Deputy of the Tokmak city Council Hope Kulakova stressed that the dire economic situation: “In Tokmok were only institutions of education and medicine”.

На конференции в Запорожье депутаты призвали восстановить экономические связи с Россией, - СМИ

The forum participants called on the public to support their position on the diversification of markets for Ukrainian products.