At the crash site of Tu-154 found 12 bodies

На месте крушения Ту-154 обнаружили уже 12 тел погибших

The search operation after the crash

Searchers have found the crash site of Tu-154 in the Black sea 12 156 bodies and fragments of victims. About it reports on Tuesday, the defense Ministry of the Russian Federation, reports “RIA Novosti”.

“Divers from the rescue ship “Epron” discovered and brought aboard the body of another victim… So, today, we found 12 bodies and the 156 fragments of dead in the crash of Tu-154″, – stated in the message.

Related news: the Divers brought the body of the commander of the crashed in the Black sea Tu-154.

All of the bodies and the remains are shipped by military aircraft to Moscow for identification by relatives. One victim has already been identified, said the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation.

Recall that the Tu-154 Russian defense Ministry crashed in the morning of December 25 after taking off from Adler. On Board were 92 people: artists of the Academic ensemble of song and dance. Alexandrov, journalists, soldiers and 8 crew members. Today, Russia declared a national mourning for the dead. The causes of the crash of Tu-154 not yet named. In FSB of the Russian Federation said that the main working versions are: getting into the engine foreign objects; poor quality fuel that caused a loss of power and the refusal of work of engines; piloting error, technical malfunction of the plane.