At the dump near Lviv the danger of repeated landslides, – the head of a regional Council

На свалке под Львовом сохраняется опасность повторных оползней, - глава облсовета

The landfill site near the city of Lviv is the danger of repeated landslides, so volunteers with shovels to rubble won’t allow it. It is reported ZAXID.NET with reference to the Chairman of the Lviv regional Council Alexander Guanosine.

Will operate heavy machinery, but here too there are problems – the angle is too steep”, he said.

Currently, the newspaper reports, rescuers strengthen the shores of the lakes located on the territory of the landfill to prevent further shifting of debris and leakage of infiltration and tars.

On-site landfill is maintained from 200 to 500 thousand tons of sludge – waste production of the Lviv research oil refinery. If the sludge gets into the soil, it can cause poisoning of groundwater and of all water sources around the landfill.

Ecologists assure that at the present time, the threat of fire to residents of the Gribovich nor to the public no. “The fire is liquidated, but there is still corruption in raskladyvanii layers. Now some there is no threat for the population, but when burning harmful chemicals could be released to the atmosphere”, – said the regional Director of the Department of environment and natural resources Ruslan Grechanik.

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Earlier, the head of the police in Lviv region Dmitry Zagariya said that the chances of finding alive three firefighters trapped under the rubble of garbage in a landfill, virtually zero.

We will remind, a fire that originated in a landfill on Sunday, this morning is already extinguished. Garbage burned area of 2 thousand sq. m. In the absence of landfills near water sources for fire extinguishing fire main has been laid, the line length of about 3 km and of organized water supply by water-carriers from a distance of 5 km.