At the end of October will fall to the Ground a Soviet satellite

В конце октября на Землю упадет советский спутник


Will fall to Earth a giant Soviet satellite 1979 release.

End of the Soviet communications satellite Molniya 1-44 falls to the Ground on 25 October. This was stated by specializing the calculations of the falling of space objects French astronomer Joseph Remy, Interfax reported.

According to him, the debris started at the end of July 1979 spacecraft weighing 1.5 tonnes of collapses in the South Atlantic about 500 km West of Rio de Janeiro.

The specialists of the American space Agency NASA said that Lightning 1-44 may fall on 20 October. However, due to the large size it will not fully burn in dense layers of the atmosphere. The exact place of falling they are not yet able to determine.

Running on donations by the Russians of Sputnik broke down in orbit

As reported Корреспондент.netafter the launch of the Soyuz rocket on 14 July, Russia has lost nine satellites.