At the frontline in the Donetsk region. the police 4 hours looking for the boy who was left on the street at night

In the frontline town of Kurakhovo Maryinsky district, Donetsk region. the police 4 hours looking for the boy who couldn’t be here at night to get into the house. This was reported on the website of national police of the Donetsk region.

“13-year-old boy returned from a friend’s home at 3 a.m., but it was only waiting the locked door. Mother never worried about where her child is and what happened to him, at this time, the woman was busy drinking. She ran only in the morning, but could not even call the police time when she lost her son”, – stated in the message.

41-year-old woman told the police about the disappearance of her son, a student of 7th class. When he left home, the mother did not know because the day is not interested in what the child is doing. The last time she saw his son yesterday morning.

Maryinsky police Department was alerted. Police launched urgent search activities. In search of the child was involved precinct officers, detectives criminal investigation police juvenile prevention.

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Police checked the abandoned houses, cellars and attics, has hit the streets. The orientation got all the police and given forces.

4 hours police found the circle of a teenager, interviewed neighbors, teachers and classmates of the guy and found the atmosphere in the family. Was checked about a dozen addresses.

It is established that the family – immigrants from Donetsk. Lived in a hostel in Kurakhovo and stepfather, three in one room. Only works stepfather, the mother is unemployed and prone to abuse of alcohol. With the native boy’s father, who lives in the Miner, the relationship is not supported.

Knowing that home nobody waits for, the boy spent a lot of time with friends on the street, returning late in the evening.

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Yesterday when he came home, it was waited by the closed door. The guy knocked, but the answer was silence. Mobile phone the child was not. Then the student went back to the other, where it spent the night.

At this time the mother drank alcohol with friends. Came to his senses only in the morning.

Law enforcement officers found the boy near the house, when he returned to the place of lodging. The baby was in a hurry, thinking that the mother is worried.

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The police conducted a preventive conversation with the mother. She was prosecuted under part 1 of article 184 “the Failure of parents or persons, them replacing, duties on education of children” of the code of Ukraine on administrative offences.

Now this family will be under the permanent control of the police. Employees of the juvenile prevention will be watching to see whether the mother sufficient attention to the child. In case of repetition of such situations will decide the question of deprivation of parental rights.

As reported, in the river of fire in high-rise building killed two-year old child.

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