At the headquarters of environmental protection announced the promotion in a “grey zone”

В штабе ООС заявили о продвижении в "серой зоне"

Military conducted a special operation to sweep the “gray zone”

APU fighters advanced to 1200 meters forward, cleared the approaches for its part, has exposed the secrets and barriers.

Ukrainian military conducted a special operation to sweep one of the settlements of Volnovakha district in Donetsk region, located in the “gray area”. This reports the press center of the headquarters Operations of joint forces on Wednesday, October 10.

According to the military, the village, which before hostilities had lived for 80 people for four years remained empty. Civilians left the village because of the illegal armed groups came to the village and looted the house.

The staff noted that once the settlement was deserted, the separatists hiding in abandoned houses, and from there shelled positions of the Ukrainian army.

“To exclude unwanted provocation, the forces of the combined forces conducted a special operation to sweep the “gray zone”. Moved up to 1200 meters forward, cleared the approaches of the Ukrainian party, has exposed the secrets and barriers,” – said in the message.

Earlier in August, the commander of the EP Sergei New said that in three months of operations the Armed forces of Ukraine regained control of 15 square km.

Also, the MP Dmitry Tymchuk said that the military drove separatists in the Donbass for a few miles, closing the “ring” of security around Turecka.

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