At the race of Formula 3 has been a terrible accident

На гонке Формулы-3 произошла жуткая авария

Alex Peroni could lose your life

Australian pilot in the accident survived and even was able to leave the car.

Aussie Alex Peroni had an accident during the race of Formula-3. In the last laps of Peroni race car crashed into a limiter, located outside the track.

The car flew into the air and made three full turns before wheels up to fall over advertising boards. Fortunately, the Peroni was alive, and even was able to leave the car.

However, the pilot was taken to hospital for examination. The driver was saved by the Halo system – additional security arc, located around the head of the pilot.

That is ridiculous #FIAF3 #ItalianGP

— Mattzel89 (@Mattzel89) 7 Sep 2019

Recall that in Britain, the race car flew into the crowd. As a result, injured 17 people aged 14 to 17 years. Witnesses say that some teenagers tossed into the air.

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