At the round table in the Parliament demanded the electiveness of governors

На круглом столе в Раде потребовали выборности губернаторов

The event was attended by deputies of the Rada and the Kyiv and Cherkasy oblast councils.

During the round table in the Verkhovna Rada deputies from different factions expressed support for legislative initiatives to amend the Constitution regarding the introduction of direct election of governors.

MPs believe that the election of governors will allow to implement real administrative reform and to give the regions the necessary powers. The deputies have already appealed to the President Petro Poroshenko with the initiative. The event was also attended by the deputies of Kyiv and Cherkasy regional councils, which are also applied to the President with an appeal to support the election of governors.

“People need to be given the opportunity to choose a Governor, to control the distribution of the budget, social, humanitarian and health care. In regions 3-5 of governors changed over the last 3 years. He was sent on a parachute, he sat, and after a month or three it took. From whom then to ask?”, – said the people’s Deputy from “Oppositional block”, Natalia Korolevska. She noted that people should choose his man, to be able to control it.

“The people the Governor knows the community, its problems, and it will not wait for instructions from Kiev that it should do. He knows what to do. He will work for his countrymen. Then people will be able to influence the government and to demand the fulfilment of the obligations”, – added the colleague at the Royal Opposition bloc, the people’s Deputy Dmytro Shpenov.

It was supported by the MP from the “Will of the people” Sergey Labazyuk, who said: “Any government must be elected, and we insist that the primary task today is the formation of effective local self-government, in which communities will receive expanded powers, including the right to choose and control their governors”.

The event also discussed the social problems of residents of regions of Ukraine. On the subject were made by the activists of the Social Council of Ukraine. The event was also attended by mayor of Slavyansk Vadim Lyakh, head of the Department of Dnipropetrovsk national University Tatyana Kornyakova, social activist Marina Kinakh.

As reported Корреспондент.net, recently several members of Parliament joined the coalition of parliamentarians advocating for changes to the Constitution regarding the election of governors.