Athletics: Levchenko has set a new youth record of Ukraine

Легкая атлетика: Левченко установила новый молодежный рекорд Украины

Yulia Levchenko

Levchenko broke the record that held for 24 years.

In Kiev hosted the traditional competitions in athletics “Christmas старты2. They were marked by a number of high results, the most outstanding of which is a new youth record of Ukraine in the room to jump.

Its author was the winner last season from Kiev Yulia Levchenko. The main rivals of the silver medalist of the world championship-2017 – from Kiev Irina Gerashchenko and Yulia Chumachenko from Nikolaev – Levchenko left the sector alone with the strap after the 1.92 mark. Gerashchenko was at these competitions the second (1.89), and Chumachenko – third (1.86). But Yulia Levchenko continued to storm the heights, and on the third attempt, it yielded 1.97. It’s one centimeter better than the previous youth record of Ukraine for the premises, which is even 24 years ago found Irina Mikhalchenko.

Together with Yulia Levchenko confirmed its standard for the world Cup 2018 in the room earned in the last year, barrista Anna Plotitsina. A spokeswoman for the Kiev region in the race overcame 60 m for 8,14, and the final was won with a score of 8.08.

Good results have pleased these days a number of athletes. Vladislav Malykhin from the Kiev region has confidently won a victory in the pole vault – 5.60. In the long jump Sergei Kruk from the Ternopil region in the fight walked luganchanina Taras Neledva and Vladislav Mazur to Zhytomyr (7.56 – 7.50 – 7.46).

Women in this discipline triumphed athletics, for which the jumps are not the main view. The first was the celebrated master of the triple jump Olga Saladuha of Donetsk region (6.19), the second world Junior record holder in the pentathlon browarczyk Alina Schuh (5.99). Both athletes in this competition were “shooting” for performance in its priority disciplines. Add that to Alina, except for length, the “Christmas starts” competed in several species, including 60 m (9,01 in the running of 9.07 in the finals – 8th place), 60 m (8,26 in the race) and triple jump (12.70 – 4th place).

60. quite unexpectedly defeated Alexander Sokolov of the Nikolaev area who in the final by 5 hundredths of a second ahead of the experienced Sergiy Smelyk – 6,82 6,77 against. Women have no competition here was from Kiev Christina Stoy – of 7.38. The second became Anna Plotitsina – of 7.51.

At a distance of 400 m dniprjanka Anna Ryzhikov won the argument from the inhabitant of Kiev Tatyana Miller – 54,34 against 54,82.

Recall, Levchenko became the best athlete of 2017 in Ukraine

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