Attempt on Osmayev: It was an accident

Покушавшийся на Осмаева: Это был несчастный случай

Dingo continues to insist that he is the victim of the incident

Denislav-Kurmakaev said that only he was hit by six bullets.

The suspect in the attack on the volunteers Adam Osmayev and amine Okueva Arthur Denislav-Kurmakaev, also known as “Dingo”, didn’t mean to shoot the man.

“Hem sat and talked in the car…. I wanted to do their photos, and then Osman himself sat in the back seat. He showed me a box in which lay the gun of foreign production. The first time I saw such a weapon and took that fucking gun in his hands, not even knowing that it was loaded. When Osman saw me holding the gun, he shouted: “be Careful!” And pulled me by the arm, twisting the gun. He jumped forward across the seat, and at that moment an accidental shot. Don’t even know where he was. I didn’t want to shoot, didn’t mean to kill, it all happened inadvertently,” said Denislav-Kurmakaev in an interview with the Country.

According to him, after that Osmayev and AquaWay “became hysterical, and Okueva shot me in the shoulder.” Denislav-Kurmakaev said that only he was hit by six bullets.

“I began to lose consciousness, falling out of the car… When I fell and landed on the ground, Osman walked around the car and me unarmed in front of witnesses fired eight bullets, a full clip one “Makarov”. He shot me like a wild boar,” said he.

We will remind, attempt on Osmayev and Okueva took place on 1 June in Kiev. The killer and Osman were seriously injured.

According to the head of the interior Ministry Arsen Avakov, the police found a connection between the attempt and the two leaders.