Attempt to secede from Spain cost of Catalonia’s 1 billion euros

Попытка отделиться от Испании стоила Каталонии 1 млрд евро

Catalonia was the driver of growth of the Spanish economy

The loss occurred due to the slowdown of the economy of Catalonia.

The Minister of economy of Spain Luis de Guindos has estimated the losses from the crisis, which arose from the desire of Catalonia to gain independence from Spain, in about 1 billion euros, reports the BBC.

In particular, the Minister said that this was due to the slow economy of Catalonia after the controversial referendum on independence on 1 October 2017. Now this is the highest announced amount of damage.

Guindos also said that economic growth in Catalonia in the fourth quarter slowed from 0.9% to 0.4%.

“Catalonia had a higher level of economic growth than in Spain, she was one of the drivers of the Spanish economy. However, in the fourth quarter, it has become a burden,” he said.

Besides, he urged the separatists to refrain from unilateral ways and focus on the core needs of Catalan society.
Earlier it was reported that on 21 December in Catalonia was held early elections of the regional Parliament. Supporters Pokdemon and independence secured to him the absolute most.

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