Attempts at “hitting” the media always find officials own peril

Попытки "наезда" на СМИ всегда оказываются для чиновников себе дороже

Vlashchenko: Today our evening guest – well known Ukrainian Director Miroslav slaboshpitsky.

Good evening. There are people whose success inspires. And there is that paralyzing, because they don’t know what’s next. You belong to what?

Slaboshpitsky: Success, he inspires, and paralyzes. I think it’s some kind of phases, which follow each other. And on the good, and bad things, the human body responds the same way – it is stressful. What happened with the “Tribe”, is more stress. It is a great happiness, but of course it was hard after that to recover psychologically.

– Tell us about the history of the “Tribe”.

– “The tribe” had a us theatrical rentals, and August 1 “the Tribe” came to Netflix for the U.S. and Canada. Netflix buys a lot of movies, often before hire. He is one of content buyers, and this is a problem because, in fact, in Cannes, Netflix just buys the film and releases it on Netflix.

– At what stage now your new project “Luxembourg”?

Work in progress is the work of the five countries. I think the picture will be finally completed by the end of this year. The people who work with me – their little, but they accepted my strange manner – I really don’t like to work professionally: schedules, crew days, etc. We all try to fulfill obligations, but this is akin to writing a novel. In the “Tribe” we were also rehearsing for weeks, and then one day off.

Periodically I encounter people who tell me about the sacralization of the topic of Chernobyl. I saw your film “Nuclear waste” and saw the absolute hopelessness of the world. What is “Nuclear waste” from your point of view?

One of the concepts involves conversion of one of the zones of Chernobyl in the European or national repository. Since there are now built waste treatment plants – so there is nothing to abstract. Of course, this can be seen as a metaphor that people in a sense, nuclear waste, and the people that work there are by – products of this. Of Chernobyl no no, if seriously to approach this. This is the area equal the territory of Luxembourg, is huge. But the Chernobyl is the city of Chernobyl, the dead city Pripyat, the station is, and it’s somewhere in the woods the scattered wreckage of some villages. To remove there is practically nothing. When I worked there in 97, the year of the journalist, since I had the idea to make a film about Chernobyl. I wrote scripts, but tchmil screaming, anything, but not Chernobyl. Professionally she was a native of the Communist nomenklatura – i.e., we have remained Communist the Brezhnev stagnation in the movies, with the tacit consent of all the presidents until it was dismissed. The Chernobyl zone was then absolutely amazing – there was a sense of mystery, and some monstrous freedom. No one involved in the preservation of this object, but probably worth it. First, it is now stolen everything that can be cut and scrapped – legally or illegally. House in Pripyat 30 years without heat, just filled up. There is a concept in cinema – the loss of texture. Sometimes it looks simply like garbage. There’s a new generation of stalkers who were born in a year or two after Chernobyl.

– And your story will be about?

Is a certain continuation of “Nuclear waste”. This story is about the people who provide life to this dead site. This drivers, police, dosimetrists. I like what comes out.

– And you have no such feeling that the Chernobyl devastation will be slow to spread across the country?

In the movie, of course, Chernobyl is slightly modeled. It’s a little Chernobyl, which I want. There nature has won – houses are seen, there is a forest. And I have a more urban story. And across the country, some plants look more colorful or razrushenie, because there it has just disappeared in this place grew a forest. It’s earth after people.

– Is it scary?

– When we come fresh people – they are very shocked.

– In the “Luxembourg” will it?

Yes. But there is a problem that a person must be a native speaker. It breaks all. But while we know some good ways how to fight.

– For you, acting experience and interesting?

Is absolutely a wonderful experience. I’m 15 years old came to the theater Studio, at 16 she toured with the show around Britain, on a three-year puke of the voltage on the acting classes at the Institute. Then I played a show in Switzerland, so I considered, in a certain sense, an actor. It is not my business, I don’t earn money with this, do not go from 9 to 6 in a theatre. Actor to be fun, because it’s a lot less responsibility, don’t you think about time, budget, shooting the bottom. You should do what you are asked – and that’s fine.

“You were going to make a movie about Olesya, all that early enough left. And why is it?

As we say in gollivudskie” – there is nothing worse for a career than to die. It was already published a book. Published everything that has been written by him. This book would never have happened if all b is not dead. For me, all the same symbol of the struggle for freedom of speech, like Georgy Gongadze. Because journalists have no monopoly on freedom of speech. And all were persecuted for what he wrote, and it’s a shame indelibly for all who participated. Attempt hitting the media are always officials a more expensive, but to drive at all, which there was nothing, and he wrote books – it didn’t need a lot of courage.

– Do you think that there is a future for film about a man, or a movie turn into a computer game?

– I am a Ukrainian Director, and I have a Manager in Hollywood. Me is in the USA’s largest Agency that represents Spielberg’s CAA. As I said my Manager: “No problem – you need to find a balance between your artistic needs and financial interest.” Actually it is not so. You always know what you’re doing. Yes, globalization is, but just everything is segmented. You just need to choose what you want.

– In your films is very much about relationships – at first glance, about sex. It seems to me that you use as the Director of sex as a metaphor.

Sex is one of the most of these things are possible between people.

– But love?

– There is no opposition. Love is a multifaceted story.

– Do you have a question?

– What was the last film you watched?

– The last movie that touched me, was “Calvary”. Although I try to watch everything that is possible.

Thank you very much.