Australia has landed the world’s largest Ukrainian plane “Mriya”

В Австралии приземлился самый большой в мире украинский самолет "Мрия"

In Perth, Australia has landed the world’s largest Ukrainian aircraft an-225 “Mriya”. It is reported by Radio Australia, transfer “Ukrainian news”.

In the media it is noted that the landing at Perth was watched by 20 thousand people. Many of the enthusiasts of air transport especially arrived in the region. On the roads traffic jams were formed, due to which many missed a rare sight.

May 10, the plane took off from the airport “Kiev-Antonov” in Gostomel in the Czech capital Prague.

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It is noted that the plane is not only “impressive” in terms of size, but impressive weight of cargo, which is capable of carrying a load of this weight in four tanks. This aircraft is also used for humanitarian missions in disaster situations.

Weighs An-225 more than 600 tons. It is the largest and heaviest aircraft ever made, its wingspan is the longest among all the existing aircraft.

“Mriya” was designed and built in the Soviet Union at the Kiev mechanical plant in the 1980-ies. The first flight took place in December 1988, was Originally laid down two cars. Currently one instance is in flying condition and operated by Ukrainian company Antonov Airlines.

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