Australia refused to produce cars

Австралия отказалась от производства автомобилей

The country closed the last factory

The country is more profitable to import cars from abroad.

In Australia, 19 October the Assembly line of GM went down last car. Other plants located throughout the country, ceased production earlier, according

As it became known, the local automotive industry has faced problems 17 years ago. The high rate of the national currency, the reduction of import duties on cars, the demand for the original model for the Australian market — all this led to the fact that automakers was more profitable to import cars from other countries than to support local production.

In 2016 was closed Australian plant Ford Motor company, which did the local model, the Falcon and Territory. In early October, ended production at the plant of Toyota in Melbourne, they did a Camry and Aurion sedans.

The latest released on the continent the car was released sedan Holden Commodore. Mark Holden will continue to exist, but under it will be sold only to a global model group that is imported from abroad.

Recall that in Ukraine for eight months of 2017 was made almost 5 thousand motor vehicles.