Australians create a cure against aging

Австралийцы создают "лекарство" от старения

The drug needs to fight “aging” cells

A key task of the drug that develop scientists, is to fight with aging cells.

Scientists from the center for Peter Macallum in Melbourne develop the drug, which aims to rid the human body from aging cells. This is how I hope the experts will help to ensure longevity without senility. This writes TASS.

“Senescent cells have lost the ability to divide, but they’re not dead, but rather dormant cells – they do nothing but remain metabolically active,” – said the scientist KIF Chan.

According to him, the situation is exacerbated with age, when these cells becomes more and more.

Meanwhile, the scientists are convinced that the process of aging completely excluded from normal life impossible. It is the “senescent” cells are responsible for wound healing, embryonic development and the activity of the immune system.

The drug that are currently professionals need to find these cells and run them again.

“In fact, there is no reasons why you can’t enjoy life 95 years as well as in 25, we just need to learn to use what we know about cells”,” – said the researcher.

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