Austria offers to stop the membership negotiations of Turkey to the EU

Австрия предлагает остановить переговоры о членстве Турции в ЕС

Chancellor Of Austria Christian Kern

The Austrian Chancellor is convinced that it is necessary to seek other forms of cooperation.

Chancellor of Austria, Christian Kern criticized the position of the European Commission and its head Jean-Claude Juncker on the issue of Turkey, has proposed to suspend the negotiations on the country’s accession to the EU and to seek other forms of cooperation. He stated this in an interview with the newspaper Oesterreich.

“The negotiation process, which is invoked as a panacea for Turkey to join Europe, brought nothing. Turkey is getting farther and farther away. If someone like this makes Juncker promises to the Turks that we’ll negotiate with you, and without taking breath, said that Turkey still will not join, it is not a defensible position nor against the Turks nor the Europeans,” said Kern.

According to the Chancellor, sitting in the offices of the Commission in Brussels, of course, have a different view of things than talking with the affected people.”

The politician, in spite of the strained relations between the two countries, assured that still views Turkey as a partner in the issues of politics, security and economy, who wouldn’t want to lose.

“All we need is a new form of cooperation”, – he added.

As you know, August 22, Ankara recalled from Vienna the Ambassador after the meeting in the city demonstration in support of the PKK.