Authorities explained the increase in gas tariffs

Власти объяснили рост газовых тарифов

Limit the level of retail prices for gas

The energy Ministry has tried to explain the abolition of privileges for the population and the reduction of tariffs for businesses.

Clarification with regards to the government decision on change of tariffs for gas have published on the website of the Ministry of energy and coal industry.

Earlier, the Cabinet decided on a single price for gas for the population and industry at the level of 6879 hryvnia per thousand cubic meters.

Thus, the government canceled a preferential price for gas, which operated for private households, and reduced the maximum cost (7200 UAH), which paid the enterprise.

How is the price of gas: authorities data

According to the energy Ministry, with may 1 set wholesale price of natural gas 4942 USD per 1000 cubic meters, formed taking into account:

– forecast of prices on the German gas hub NCG (according to the Agency “s Platt’European Gas Daily”);

– transportation costs from the NCG to the Western border of Ukraine through the territory of Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia (tariff European operators GTS);

– established NERC KP tariff for services in transportation of natural gas cross-border pipelines to the entrance points to Ukraine’s GTS.

Limit the level of retail prices for natural gas set at 6879 hryvnia per 1,000 cubic meters. This cost is formed on the basis of wholesale prices, the weighted average tariff for transporting (219 USD), the weighted average distribution tariff (513,7 UAH) and the trading margin of the supplier (57.4 hryvnia per 1,000 cubic meters).

The price at which Naftogaz of Ukraine” will supply gas for thermal energy production to provide services for heating and hot water supply, is 4942 hryvnia per 1,000 cubic meters (without taking into account tariffs for transportation and distribution of natural gas, as well as taxes and fees included in the cost of natural gas).