Autism is not a sentence: a personal story of a mother and doctor

Аутизм не приговор: личная история мамы и доктора

Diagnosis, which sometimes have parents who many years ago set the child of one of the employees of the medical network “Dobrobut”.

Irina Levitskaya — the operating Director of branch network “Tatar” and “Obolon-1”, openly talked about what she had to go.

Life goes on

During the conversation, Irina Levitskaya said, “Just do not think that because autism spectrum disorders you have to forget about yourself for the sake of the child. Nothing of the sort. Not to dwell on it and to sacrifice himself. It’s like the plane in an emergency: you should first put the oxygen mask on yourself and then on the child. That is, you must continue to live a full life, you just need to understand that you will be harder than others.”

Аутизм не приговор: личная история мамы и доктора



First class… first shock

My youngest son is now 10 years old. But with 2 years Sasha had tics, i.e., involuntary twitching. I could not understand what it is and we very long went to the doctors. At first, the son was prescribed sedatives, but his condition has not changed. Although their development it is no different from other children.

Remember how we went to school. When Sasha came into the class — it seemed to have changed. He fell on the floor, threw chairs, pushed the children began to scream. For me it was a shock. I never thought that my son is socially immature child. The next three months were very painful for us: I was the child in school — he didn’t want to go there, cried there it was bad… Closer to the New year, he started having seizures on a background of completely normal health. And again, the visits to doctors, and again no one could diagnose… that period lasted about two years until son finally was diagnosed with the disease.

Can not lose time

Sasha’s primary diagnosis is Tourette syndrome (sudden occurrence of ticks), and the collateral of autism spectrum disorder in the mild. And once the diagnosis was made, I was told that the child needs to adapt. But it’s been 6 years! And he didn’t get that it is important for autistic children. And when there was a failure in school, it became obvious. I had two years to look for a specialist who could help the son of this adaptation.

Now with Sasha, all is well. He goes to school, in his class of only six children. We had prepared him for any changes. And there is nothing complicated. Just need to know how to do it all the time.

What is important to know the parents

Parents of such kids need to understand to change something you can only fully accepted the situation. Of course, this news will still cause internal resistance. But we’re not going with children my whole life. The task of parents is to adapt children to the society, since this depends directly on the quality of their later life. That’s why it’s important to do everything possible to facilitate his life now and in the future.

My story served as a stimulus to provide a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach. And those parents who bring their children for a consultation at “Dobrobut”, will get a complete picture of diagnosis and prognosis, about what he needs the correctional program. Parents here in time to explain what and how we want to do — they will not be sent in different medical centres, everything will happen in one place: and diagnosis, and rehabilitation.

Аутизм не приговор: личная история мамы и доктора



The cases are different

I understand that all cases are not similar to one another. And often there are situations where heavier than me. I remember that at first I was scared, because I knew that with my child something not so. And the hardest part for me was when no one could tell what to do. That’s why I want to make moms and dads faced with a similar problem, was able to get real support. In this situation the need for an integrated approach that will help both children and adults to cope with the problem. Because the relief comes when you start to understand what to do next.