Automaker Porsche was fined half a billion

Автопроизводителя Porsche оштрафовали на полмиллиарда

The company was fined 535 million euros for violations related to diesel scandal.

Stuttgart prosecutors have fined automaker Porsche, part of Volkswagen, to 535 million euros for violations associated with the diesel scandal, reported on the Agency’s website.

It is noted that the reason for imposition of the fine, among other things, negligence and breach of duties under the supervision of the design Department in terms of emissions in the period from 2009.

This led to the fact that the nitrogen oxide emissions from diesel vehicles did not meet the standards. We are talking about the cars equipped with V6 and V8 engines.

In September 2015, initiated by the US authorities investigations of Volkswagen, was forced to admit that more than 10 million sold in the world of cars software was installed that allowed to manipulate test engine compliance of environmental standards.

Deselect, caused a massive recall of cars of the company to eliminate fraud. Volkswagen has agreed with the US authorities on fines and compensation totaling more than $18 billion in the framework of the settlement of the scandal.

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