Avakov about the shooting in Crimea: Fri, FSO

Аваков о стрельбах у Крыма: птн, пнх

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov

The Minister called the missile tests a safety feature.

The Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov on Thursday, December 1, in Facebook commented on the missile firing conducted by the AFU near admingranitsy the Crimean Peninsula.

“Ukraine exists independently of ideas about Putin’s Russia! Missile tests – element of our security. And so sorry – PTN PNH”, – Avakov wrote.

Аваков о стрельбах у Крыма: птн, пнх

A screenshot of the message Arsen Avakov

Earlier, President Poroshenko said that Ukraine will conduct all planned tests, despite threats from the Russian Federation.

Earlier today Russia withdrew to positions West of the Crimea warships of the black sea fleet. Ship crews are translated to the strengthened mode of service.

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