Avakov confirmed that Deyev was appointed without competition

У Авакова подтвердили, что Дееву назначили без конкурса

Anastasia Deeva

Earlier it was reported that the appointment Deev was taken into account interviews.

In the appointment of Anastasia Deev for the position of Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine on European integration the competitive selection was not performed. Her position does not fall under action no labor laws, no civil service law, as it is political.

As explained to Ukrainian news, the interior Ministry, the post of Deputy Minister referred to the political laws Of the Central bodies of Executive power.

According to the documents, 24 year old Deeva has actually become the second Deputy in the Department. This follows from the order of Avakov in December 2014 on distribution of responsibilities in the Ministry. In case of absence or illness of the first Deputy Minister, his duties are performed by the Deputy concerning the European integration.

It is also reported that the list of duties personally on Deyev has not yet been approved.

As reported Корреспондент.netNovember 15, Deputy Minister Avakov responded to candid photos.

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