Avakov has launched a video surveillance in Mariupol

Аваков запустил видеоконтроль в Мариуполе

Avakov said that the system is very useful in police work and performs preventive function

System is started on the basis of the only Ukrainian centre UASC.

In Mariupol, Donetsk region, launch a modern system of video surveillance over the situation in the city. The system started service on the basis of a Single analytical center (UASC), established in the office of the police region. At the presentation on Saturday, December 24, and was attended by interior Minister Arsen Avakov, reports the press service of the Channel.

This UASC while only one in Ukraine, and the level of technical support is the fourth in the world. It employs 46 operators and 13 managers.

With the help of cameras on the streets of Mariupol police will be able in real time to track the movement of cars that are wanted by law enforcement authorities. The system allows to capture and process quite large amounts of information on several parameters: the environment (time of day, weather conditions), processing information about the type, make, model and color of car, license plate. In addition, the system enables matching entities.

Currently, the operators of the analytical center processed the information from the 37 cameras, which broadcast live from the streets of the city. In the future, the number of cameras will be increased to 70.

“We hope that this will lead to a sharp decrease in crime, street crime, car thefts. All of the procedures that we do are in the framework of current legislation. The data will be available only when offenses are made,” – said the Minister.

Earlier the President Petro Poroshenko appealed to the Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman to install in all regional centers, and if necessary – in cities and district centers, in places of a mass congestion of people video surveillance equipment.

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