Avakov: In Transcarpathia would undermine the Hungarian monument

Аваков: На Закарпатье хотели подорвать венгерский памятник

Militiamen detained malefactors.

Security forces detained the group and entrusted it to undermine the Hungarian monument in Transcarpathia for the further escalation of tension in relations between the two countries. This was announced by the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov at a briefing on Monday, 2 October.

“Yesterday they were going to undermine the Hungarian monument on Veretsky pass in the Carpathians, having the corresponding order. As they say – “there is a very urgent order, do you need to quickly, as it will be a great response,” said the Minister.

According to Avakov, the group for a long time “were” operatives of national police. The suspects seized grenades, an improvised explosive device attached to a gas tank for detonation, and other illegal things.

“The terrorist attack against the Hungarian monument… had to add fuel to the fire. Specialists of the criminal investigation Department of national police detained them near the border,” he said.

The Minister said that this band passes, at least nine different crimes.

Earlier in the Ukrainian foreign Ministry said that in Transcarpathia the vandals desecrated the flag of Hungary. The head of Department Pavlo Klimkin accused Russia, which is trying to ruin “our friendly relations with Hungary”. Later it became known that the flag was damaged by the wind.