Avakov: parasiuk need to prosecute

Аваков: Парасюка нужно привлечь к ответственности

The Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov

The Minister is convinced that bullying of MP needs to have a rating.

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said on air of the Ukraina TV channel that he supports the prosecution of people’s Deputy Vladimir Parasyuk.

“We had a situation in which a group of opinionated young people, headed by people’s Deputy decided to confront the police. Someone arrogated to themselves the right not to obey the laws and to use violence”, − said Avakov.

In his opinion, such behavior is unacceptable and dangerous.

“I consider it unacceptable that MP, brandishing a photo ID on the one hand, on the other − has a law enforcement officer or public servant, knowing that he was due to their responsibilities can not oppose him. This phenomenon is very dangerous for the country as a whole, insist that this fact was given the appropriate assessment “, − said the Minister.

He is convinced that parasiuk must be held accountable for bullying.

“The immunity of the Deputy is of a political nature. He should not be prosecuted on the facts of his political activities, but not on the fact of hooliganism or apparent violations of the law,” − said the Minister.

Poroshenko about the incident with the Parasiuk: It’s a shame

He also said that the decision on arrival of participants of the conflict in Kiev was made, and to Express his opinion from the podium, they invited the people’s deputies.

“Ms. Syroyid closed the meeting. Frightened, I guess that will be revealed the facts that will not be very interested in her party structure. This act was inappropriate,” the Minister said.

Recall, March 14, near Slavyansk there was a conflict between the participants of the blockade and police officers. “The blockade”, said that police beat parasiuk together with his colleagues, and poisoned them with gas.

The police claim that the MP himself began to beat the security officers and tried to disarm them.

Later, when law enforcement officers came to the Verkhovna Rada to talk about the incident Parasyuk, Vice-speaker of the Parliament Oksana Rawfoodist announced the plenary meeting closed.