Avakov said that the interior Ministry is partially supported by the motives of protesters from jail, so no force had been applied

Аваков заявил, что МВД отчасти разделяет мотивы протестующих у СИЗО, поэтому не применялась сила

The Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov. Photo from the archive.

The Ministry of internal Affairs understand the motives of Protestants at Lukyanovka jail in Kiev, therefore, power export to ex-Berkut officers was not planned. This was written by the interior Minister Arsen Avakov on his page on Facebook.

“Yanukovych has already provoked enough blood and troubles in Ukraine. The Ministry would not participate in another provocation of Moscow puppets and enter into violent conflict with the protesters. Moreover, the point of view and the motives of these people we understand and in many ways we agree with them”, – wrote Avakov.

He also promised to deliver defendants to court, at the first technical capabilities

“We will not impose the participation of provocation, the draw of the fluent ex-the President under the dictation of the aggressor country”, – the Minister added.