Avakov said that the radicals of the C14 working at SBU

Аваков заявил, что радикалы из С14 работают на СБУ

The interior Minister said that the nationalist organization C14 cooperates with the SBU.

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said that the nationalist organization C14 cooperates with the security Service of Ukraine. He said this in an interview Tebbel.

At the request of a journalist to explain what was meant Avakov, when previously stated that the SBU with the help of Catherine Gandzyuk tried to discredit the police, the Minister said: “the head of the SBU the Hrytsak – honest officer, he did a lot for Ukraine. But in some cases we fix the SBU unclear processes”.

Avakov explained that meant the C14 cooperation with SBU.

“We unexpectedly recorded the cooperation of the security Services and the ultra-radicals from C14. Under the guise of correct slogans with demands to investigate the case Gandzyuk and in certain conjunction with the employees of the SBU, C14 implemented very unseemly deeds,” – said the Minister.

According to him, campaign materials for members of C14, which took part in the action dedicated to the cause of Gandzyuk, February 9, when they were detained by police, was taken by the SBU.

“We were fixing the cars of employees of the SBU, which gave the visual propaganda for these “protesters patriots.” I do not exclude, however, that it was a private initiative of individual employees of the SBU,” – said Avakov.

He said that he even had a conversation on this subject with Hrytsak. “But not every conversation needs to get to the interview,” the Minister said.

Recall, February 9, the police of Kiev said about the arrest on Kontraktova square a group of young people with symbols of C14, which was in possession of knives, gas canisters and a gun. In C14 stated that it was their activists who participated in the action Who ordered Kate Gandzyuk?

During the arrest there was a fight. One of the officers during the fight, shouting: “get Down, Bandera!” Later was found on his person – Vasily Melnikov. Law enforcement officers were arrested for two months with the possibility to bail in the sum of 115 thousand UAH. On 13 February he was released on bail and told his version of what happened.


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