Avakov satisfied with the budget for law enforcement agencies

Аваков удовлетворен бюджетом для силовых структур

The budget for next year for the system of internal Affairs was generally satisfactory. This position was expressed by the head of the interior Ministry Arsen Avakov in the exclusive comment to the reporter “112 Ukraine” TV channel.

“Throughout the interior system, this corresponds to approximately 360 thousand people, one way or another are working in this system, we have a satisfactory budget, which I’m generally satisfied,” – said Avakov.

He said: “This budget is progressive for SES. Immigration and service centers are the budgets growth. The migration service will perform a key task next year is to ensure the issuance of ID cards, individual cards, which will be released in place of the passports,” he said.

The Minister noted that the service centers have got a good budget, “to complete in July across the country, replacing the old licensing to the new service centers”.

“The national guard got the same development budget and a decent budget in order to continue the momentum of development. The national police got a good budget. I didn’t say “good”, because, according to our calculations, we do not have enough to Fund the National guard about 3 billion hryvnias in order to provide the dynamics of change in wage that will get retrained police officers,” – said Avakov.

For border guards, according to the Minister, the military budget also involves the development of: motivation through salaries and professional development.

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We will remind, on the night of 21 December, the Ukrainian Parliament adopted in the second reading and in whole draft law № 5000 “On State budget of Ukraine for 2017”.

Аваков удовлетворен бюджетом для силовых структур
Аваков удовлетворен бюджетом для силовых структур

Аваков удовлетворен бюджетом для силовых структур