Avakov supported the “Peacemaker”: an Inadequate howl

Аваков поддержал "Миротворец": Неадекватный вой

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov

The journalists decided to cooperate with the invaders and not have to hide it, said the head of the interior Ministry.

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov has responded to the scandal around the site “Peacemaker”, saying that against the volunteers raised “inadequate howl”.

As reported, the site “Peacemaker” caught in a scandal after the publication of lists with the data of thousands of Ukrainian journalists accredited by the separatists of Donbass.

“Yes, I do not recognize neither the NPT, nor LC, nor the Crimean autonomy as part of Russia! Someone may have a different reason – and it’s your choice – collaborate with the occupation authorities? Join Bezler and Girkin, who killed hundreds of the patriots – it’s your choice.. But don’t hide it is your choice, accusing the guys from Peacemaker website. The volunteers, the Peacemaker has made his choice – to deal with the occupation authorities, and not to register them for work”, – he wrote in Facebook.

According to him, against the volunteers raised “inadequate howl”.

“It turned out that among the papers uncovered something not good for the shop? Nor is this the shop says outside polling openness? Or there can, and here? …then we read, and then the fish wrap published here.. the ins and outs of offshore and details about the families under investigation by the characters – and then – go to moaning from his own data provided to the occupation authorities…It is their choice. And not a Peacemaker here fault…”, – said Avakov.

Yesterday, the site “Peacemaker” has announced its closing.

Advisor Avakov Zoryan Shkiriak said that the closure “Peacemaker” loss in the information war with Russia.

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