Avtopro will talk about the importance of communications in the sales of spare parts

АвтоПро расскажет о важности коммуникаций в сфере продаж запчастей

The market is a living system that consists of several dozens of interacting bodies, among them are the sellers, logisticians, marketers, programmers, insurers, representatives of servicing, financiers. Each of the participants of the car market contributes to its development.


АвтоПро расскажет о важности коммуникаций в сфере продаж запчастей


After thorough analysis, the team Avtopro revealed that one of the main problems of the Ukrainian automotive segment is poor communication. Communication between participants is carried out slowly with the loss of relevance of the information is either not done at all.

To remedy this situation it was decided to hold an annual forum, bringing together the participants of the Ukrainian market on the Black sea. 22 September 2017 in Odessa will be the second business forum “Avto.pro innovation 2017”. In the concert hall Victory Gardens will bring together representatives of PrivatBank, a New mail, the black sea legal company, resource Avtopro. Speakers will present new tools that will help sellers of spare parts and the firms that provide auto services to develop your business.

АвтоПро расскажет о важности коммуникаций в сфере продаж запчастей



Talk about what?

During the forum will be affected most important questions only topical issues:

● The impact of the development on the world IT market. Each year, create hundreds of programs, many of which could make life easier for sellers of parts and service companies. We offer you to discuss some of the software products, to tell us what you would like to use.
● Mission Avtopro and talk about the future is a platform uniting participants of the market. We try to make the sale easier, faster, more profitable for sellers and buyers. Our mission is to improve the market.
● Development trends of the market. While you are working, we are making plans for the future, considering the trend, follow the trends and try to predict how will behave the car market. All practices will tell representatives of the Avtopro on the forum.
● The job of the marketplace. Among our guests will be, how experienced sellers and beginners who are still not fully studied system of sales on the site. We will try to make the program useful for both groups of participants describing the principles of operation of the marketplace and updates.

АвтоПро расскажет о важности коммуникаций в сфере продаж запчастей



In addition, participants will learn more about the financial instruments provided by PrivatBank. One of the companies will share successful trading in the market using outsourcing in logistics. Sellers will learn about the features of market expertise, hear about the online audience survey the market to know your customer in the face.

Friendly atmosphere and delicious cookies

Last year Avtopro have already experimented with the format of “round table” for negotiations between the participants. He was successful, because in 2017, the company decided to leave and make it better. After discussions will be organized coffee breaks, Lunches, receptions. As practice shows, informal communication leads to the establishment of strong ties.

Register on the business forum. Come 22 September 2017 in Odessa, we have something to talk about.