AvtoVAZ has recalled more than 100 thousand cars

АвтоВАЗ отозвал более 100 тысяч автомобилей

In Lada Kalina found a serious flaw

Cars Lada Kalina and Granta to be delivered to the nearest dealership for repairs.

Russian AVTOVAZ has recalled more than 106 thousand cars Lada Kalina and Granta. About it reports Rosstandart. Subject to recall cars implemented from 3 September 2015 to date, with VIN codes according to the list on the Agency’s website.

“The reason the Lada Kalina and Granta is chafing fuel/steam tube clutch cable (for cars fitted with manual gearbox),” – said the Rosstandart.

It is expected that AVTOVAZ will inform the owners of Lada Kalina and Granta, subject to review by email or by phone about the need to provide a car to the nearest dealership for repairs.

Also, owners can own, without waiting for the message, to determine whether their car is under recall. It is necessary to compare the VIN with the list on the website of Rosstandart, contact the nearest authorized dealership and to schedule the repair.

On cars of these models, you will install a protective lining, which prevents chafing of the tubes. If there are traces of contact on the tubes, replacing tubes Assembly with a new one. All repairs will be performed at no charge to owners.

As reported Корреспондент.netin January 2017, AVTOVAZ stopped supplying cars to Ukraine. The supply of new cars was the fall of last year. In stock at dealers there are only two models – Niva SUV and station wagon Largus.

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