“Azov” on the withdrawal of the regiment from Mariupol: the Volunteer movement has become a bone in the throat of power

"Азов" о выводе полка из Мариуполя: Добровольческое движение стало костью в горле у власти

Order the withdrawal from Mariupol, regiment “Azov” aimed to destroy the volunteer movement in Ukraine. About it on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine” reported the press Secretary of the regiment “Azov” Natalia, Kockovic.

“The decision of the leadership of the national guard became like our command of the regiment, soldiers was an unpleasant surprise. Because we know that the regiment “Azov” – a volunteer regiment. The men who agreed to go into the service of the regiment “Azov”, they came to defend and win back the territory from the occupier, but instead we were sent to the deep deep rear. Because it was a surprise, we believe, all the fighters of “Azov” I believe that this is due to the fact that the volunteer movement is a bone in the throat of power. Orders are special to the volunteer movement in Ukraine to destroy,” said she.

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Recall that a battalion of National guard “Azov” by order of the commander of the national guard (NSU), General-Lieutenant Yuri Allenova derived from Mariupol. Ten days ago, some units brought in Zaporizhzhya region to execute is absolutely not inherent in special forces assignments.