“Azov” published video of fight with a local because of the demolition of the monument to Lenin in Odessa region

"Азов" опубликовал видео потасовки с местными из-за сноса памятника Ленину в Одесской области

The battalion “Azov” published the video of yesterday’s fight that occurred between members of the battalion and locals in lymanske, Odessa region. Video is hosted on Youtube.

In “Azov” they say that trying to knock down Lenin after the application of the “group of patriots from under Odessa”.

“We are very pleased that our friends, the patriots from the Odessa could carry the head of Lenin in lymanske. Surprising, though, that Lenin at that place has not been a revolutionary wave painted in blue and yellow, but this is a question for the authorities of the village. As actually the steps of decommunization in their native lands. I hope that the locals also famously undertake the restoration of two of the largest Catholic cathedrals in the South of Ukraine, destroyed by Lenin’s decree in lymanske,” write in “Azov”.

Also in the battalion, refuted the information of beating your dick.

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We will remind, yesterday in lymanske, Odessa region there was a fight between the locals and the soldiers of “Azov”.