“Azov” reserves the right to take any action in case of non-compliance of March, – Biletsky

"Азов" оставляет за собой право на любые действия в случае невыполнения требований марша, - Билецкий

“Azov” reserves the right to take any action in the case of neonate the issue of elections in the Donbas from the agenda. This was stated by the leader of the “Azov”, MP Andrew Biletsky in comments to the correspondent channel “112 Ukraine”.

“I think they (the deputies – ed) there is the instinct of self-preservation. There are factions who are against this issue (the elections – ed.) There are a small number of honest MPs, I think everything will be fine. If the government does not behave the way… Behind you we reserve the right to take any action, to block the Parliament, to block up, etc.” – said Biletsky.

Note, in the words of Biletsky, in today’s March “Azov” was attended by about 10 thousand people.

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March “Azov” have a Happy ended with the lighting of flares. According to Biletskiy, the specified action is peaceful, and its interested members to storm the Parliament. However, he said that it was just a warning. In the case that in the Donbass will try to hold elections, Parliament “will make”. March “Azov” was held under the slogan “Requirements of the nation – no surrender.” In particular, representatives of the “Azov” opposed the holding of elections in the Donbass, “the Russian scenario”. On the Grushevsky street was closed to vehicular traffic.

Order in the center of Kiev provides 2, thousands of law enforcement officers.

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