“Azovets” Krasnov, have extended the arrest

"Азовцу" Краснову продлили арест

Krasnov suspected of treason

The arrest was extended for up to a month.

The head of the civil case “Azov-Crimea” Stanislav Krasnov extended the custody till June 24. It is reported by Interfax-Ukraine, referring to the lawyer Krasnov Leonid Sivakov.

“The court has taken the liberty to elect another preventive measure for Krasnov, such as house arrest. The court of appeal continued detention for up to 24 Jun 2016”, – said the defender.

In addition, Sivakov said that during the court hearing, the prosecution announced the possibility of the content of Krasnov’s not in prison and under house arrest until the end of the pre-trial investigation.

May 26 will be held the next trial on the complaint for the purpose Krasnov psychiatric examination, the lawyer added.

Krasnov was detained by the SBU near Kiev in the night of 29 Feb 2016. He is suspected of treason and terrorism. According to the head of the SBU, “azovets” planned to undermine the management of the SBU in Kiev with the help of tons of explosives. Krasnov also allegedly prepared assassination of one of the activists admingranitse in the Crimea in the Kherson region.