BAA became European champion in the sprint, have brought the Ukrainians shooting

Бе стал чемпионом Европы в спринте, украинцев подвела стрельба

Best of Ukrainians became Pidruchny, finishing at the end of the top 20.

In Belarusian Raubichi male sprint continued the championship of Europe-2019 biathlon.

European champion in the sprint was Norwegian tarjei boe, a silver medal for Sweden was won by Jesper nelin, a bronze award in the asset Russian Dmitry Malyshko.

In the Ukrainian team the best tradition became Dmitry Pidruchny, who started the race, and after the first firing line was among the leaders. The speed leader of our team showed a very decent, becoming 8th on the net course among all the 114 launched rivals. But two mistakes in the rack stripped of Dmitry chances for medals. In the end Pidruchny – the 18th behind the top three just for half a minute.

The rest of the Ukrainians is also not coped with the shooting, and Taras Lesyuka besides having a problem with a rifle where he lost half a minute in prone.

1. Tarjei Boe (1+0) 21:40,1
2. Jesper Nelin (0+0) +10,6
3. Dmitry Malyshko (0+0) +35,2

18. Dmitry Pidruchny (0+2) +1:04,2
26. Grossegger (1+1) +1:19,4
33. Ruslan Tkalenko (1+1) +1:30,1
41. Sergey Semenov (0+1) +1:37.8 C
61. Artem Tishchenko (0+2) +2:07,7
90. Taras Lesyuk (2+1) +3:23,5

So far the only medal for Ukraine at the European championship remains a silver medal Zhuravok in the individual race.

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